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Our organic cotton sleeping suite provides the ultimate comfort and softness for your baby's sleep. The light and airy fabric allows air circulation while trapping body heat to keep them warm and cosy. The breathable material wicks away moisture to prevent overheating.




Description: Our body suites made from organic cotton are the perfect outfit for everyday wear. The soft and durable fabric is breathable, moisture-wicking and naturally hypoallergenic. The loose fit allows freedom of movement while the comfort and breathability keep your baby happy.


One liner:

 made from nature | crafted with care | free from toxins| nurtured with love| for your little one


Key word: organic, hypoallergenic, chemical-free, breathable, new born dress, baby clothing, baby girl clothing, new born clothes



 Parenthood is extraordinary! Embrace the journey with organic cotton clothing for your little one. Our softest, lightest fabrics are as gentle on your baby's skin, as nature intended.