Muslin Dohar / Blankets

As you search for the perfect soft wrap for your precious new born, allow us to humbly introduce these gentle muslin Dohars. Crafted with care for your baby's delicate skin, they offer comfort from the very start. 

The soft weave of cotton absorbs moisture while keeping your little one snug and secure. Wipe away tears and messes with ease, then toss the Dohars in the wash for reuse time and again. The breathable fabric will regulate temperature without overheating, making it ideal for naps, playtime and travel.

The generous size provides ample coverage for napping, tummy time and beyond. And because these Dohars are hypoallergenic and naturally antibacterial, you can feel confident every time your baby's skin touches the soft muslin.

So, as you seek out the perfect blanket for your new arrival, choose Dohars that offer comfort, convenience and care with every use.