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Introducing our cosy baby quilt, crafted with love and designed to provide the utmost comfort for your little one. Made from the softest certified organic cotton, this quilt embodies purity and warmth, just like a mother's love.

Our baby quilted blankets are meticulously crafted to keep your infant comfortable and snug in any season. The use of eco-friendly dyes ensures that the colours are safe and gentle on your baby's delicate skin. The breathable fabrics allow for proper air circulation, preventing overheating while providing the necessary warmth.

One of the highlights of our baby quilt is the exquisite hand-block printed designs. These captivating patterns not only add a touch of aesthetic appeal but also offer a soothing visual experience for your little bundle of joy. Your baby will delight in the soft textures and vibrant colours, making snuggling into these blankets a delightful experience.

We understand that the safety and well-being of your baby are of paramount importance to you. That's why our baby quilts are made from organic cotton, which is free from harmful chemicals and pesticides. This ensures that your baby's sensitive skin remains protected and nurtured, allowing them to sleep peacefully throughout the night.

The generous size of our baby quilt provides ample coverage, making it versatile for various uses. Whether you use it as a playmat, a stroller blanket, or simply as an extra layer during naptime, our quilt will keep your baby cosy and content.

Cleaning and maintaining our baby quilt is a breeze. Simply machine wash it on a gentle cycle using mild detergent, and it will retain its softness and durability. The high-quality craftsmanship ensures that our quilt will withstand the test of time, making it an excellent investment for your baby's comfort.

Choose our cosy baby quilt and give your little one the warmth and comfort they deserve. With its organic cotton fabric, eco-friendly dyes, and captivating designs, this quilt will become an essential part of your baby's journey, creating beautiful memories and moments of joy.

Our soft and cosy baby quilted blankets are made of softest certified organic cotton which is as pure as a mother’s love. These blankets are perfect for keeping your infant comfortable and warm. Dyed with eco-friendly colours and woven with breathable fabrics, our organic cotton quilts provide required warmth while still allowing your baby's delicate skin to breathe. The hand-block printed designs offer a soothing visual experience for your little one, who will surely enjoy snuggling into these blankets. 

SIZE: 100 x 150 cm

AGE: 0-3 Years



Are the quilted blankets safe for new-borns and infants?

Yes, our quilted blankets are made from the softest certified organic cotton, which is gentle and safe for new-borns and infants. We understand the importance of ensuring the safety and quality of our products, especially for new moms. 

How do I care for the quilted blankets?

Our quilted blankets are easy to care for. Simply machine wash them in cold water and tumble dry on low heat. We recommend avoiding bleach and dry cleaning to maintain the quality and softness of the blankets. 

What other products do you offer for new moms?

In addition to our quilted blankets, we offer a variety of other products for new moms, including diaper bags and A/C quilts made from organic materials. We also provide resources and support for new moms to help them navigate the challenges of motherhood.