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Question 1- Why Organic is considered Planet & People Friendly -

Organic Production Is Sustainable, So Its Good for the Planet. Organic Fabrics protects the Environment, No Harmful Chemical Sprays & Toxins for Farmers mean no pollution air and water pollution, Allowing You To Rest Well Assured That You Are Doing Your Bit Even When You Are Asleep.

Question 2- Why Organic cotton Bedding and Clothing is important for Your baby

Story 1 - Great for Babies and Children - Organic Bedding Is Particularly Important for Babies and Young Children. 

Story 2 - Babies Spend About 70% Of Their First Year in Bed, So the Quality of their Bedding Is really Important. 

Story 3- Baby Skin is more Porous than that of An Adult and Has the Potential to Absorb Residues More Easily. 

Story 4 - Babies Are More Vulnerable to Chemical-Overload than Adults Because they Are Small & Still Growing.

Question 3- What you need for a summer baby

In addition to the general checklist for all seasons, here are some items you will need for a summer baby 

4 - 5 short sleeve or sleeveless baby vests.

You will need at least three or four vests or body suits, with envelope necks and popper buttons underneath. Your baby can wear them under tops orjhablas. When the weather is very hot, a light cotton vest may be all your baby needs to wear.

3 - 4 Muslin jhablas and Nappies .

Three or four loosejhablas & Nappies can be airy and comfortable for your baby. Small babies tend to live in these in their first few months.

3 - 4 Muslin Burp clothes.

Three or four Muslin Burp clothes. 

These towel by Moms Home are Multipurpose, can be used as washclothes, towels, burp clothes, has an excellent skin feel and touch that your little one will absolutely love the feeling of.A summer hat.

Choose one with a broad rim that protects your baby's eyes from the sun and also prevents sweat from collecting on the head or forehead.

2 - 3 muslin sheets or cloths.

Most prams, rocking chairs and car seats have synthetic fabric, which will make your baby sweat a lot. Keep these cotton sheets to line anything your baby lies in to help keep him cool.

Mosquito repellents.

Ask your doctor which creams and repellants you can use to protect your baby from mosquitoes.

Sun-blinds for the car.

When travelling with your baby, sun-blinds help to keep the sun out and also help to you’re your car cooler.


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