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Prepare Well With Mom’s Home Organic Hospital Bag For Your Big Day

Congrats on your upcoming bundle of joy! 

As you prepare for the arrival of your newborn, there are a few essential items that you'll want to make sure you have handy in those first days. From diapers to wipes and burp cloths, you'll need many items to help welcome your little one home.

Mom's Home Organic has made it easy with their hospital bag essentials that come ready-made for you and your newborn! This complete package includes everything you will need during those first days with an organic twist. It includes products made from organic cotton and muslin, including bibs, swaddles, receiving blankets and more — all within a beautiful carry bag perfect for the hospital stay or a cosy stroll around town.

Let us take a closer look at all the special items included in this pack and how best to utilise them when it comes to welcoming your new baby home!

About Mom's Home Organic 

When it comes to providing the best for your baby, you want to make sure that you have the best products. That's why Mom's Home Organic has created a hospital bag for newborns with only the essentials. Made from organic cotton and muslin, this bag is designed to provide your baby with everything they need for their first days home.

What makes Mom's Home Organic special is that the products are made with 100% organic materials and azo free dyes, this means that your baby gets all the care they need without any of the harsh chemicals or synthetic fabrics that can be dangerous for their delicate skin. 

The hospital bag includes items such as diapers, clothes, blankets, bibs and booties - all carefully selected so you don't have to worry about searching for those essential items when your little one arrives. With everything in one pack, moms can save time and energy and rest assured knowing their baby has everything they need without any of the extra fuss.

What's Included in the Hospital Bag

Are you ready to take your newborn home from the hospital? Make sure you're well prepared with the Mom's Home Organic Hospital Bag—a comprehensive collection of newborn baby essentials made from organic cotton and muslin that'll make your life a little easier.

This bag includes all of the essentials for your newborn's first days:

  • 🎒 A stylish and spacious diaper bag to store all of your items.
  • 🍼 A set of muslin swaddle and dohar blankets made of breathable, lightweight fabric in a range of beautiful colours.
  • 🛏️ organic cotton muslin made Sleeping cum carrying Nest Bag to keep your little one safe and cosy .
  • 🛀 muslin baby wipes perfect for cleaning up messes and to help bathe your baby.
  • 👶 Bibs that are perfect for protecting clothing during meals, as well as burp cloths.
  • 🤱 mosquito net that provide additional protection to the little one from harmful diseases.
  • 🧶Muslin Jhabla & Nappy  as Your baby deserves the pure & breathable fabric to dress in and make themselves feel comfortable.

All of these must-haves are packed inside an easy-to-carry bag that comes with a reinforced handle and plenty of pockets for extra items. With everything in one place, you'll be ready for those first hours at home with your baby!

Organic Muslin Swaddles: Keeping Baby Cozy

When you think of taking care of your baby, you have to have the perfect swaddles. That's why Mom's Home Organic's hospital bag is perfect for your newborn — it comes with organic muslin swaddles that will keep your little one comfy and cosy.

Soft and Breathable

Organic muslin swaddles are not just great looking but they are soft and breathable too. The natural fabric is very lightweight and so comfortable for your newborn—it will hug your baby with warmth. Plus, the breathable material helps regulate your baby's body temperature, so they don't get too hot or cold.

Perfect for On-the-Go

These cosy swaddles are also perfect if you're out and about with your infant. The light material is thin enough to be wrapped around your baby while still being warm enough to keep them comfortable in all temperature settings. And because these swaddles are made from muslin they will get softer after each wash!

And since it's important for a hospital bag to include all the essentials, these organic muslin swaddles come in different styles and patterned prints, solid colours, printed playful animals, and bright stripe patterns — something soft and sweet for every taste!

Organic Cotton Jhabla And Nappies: Dressing Baby in Comfort 

Organic Cotton jhabla and  nappy sets are the perfect apparel for your newborn during their first days. The fabric is incredibly comfortable, breathable, and will keep your baby warm while they nap and play.

What makes organic cotton so special? It's grown without using pesticides, fertilisers, or other synthetic materials made of chemicals—in other words, it's good for your baby's delicate skin! Our bodysuits are also made of soft muslin fabric that can easily be cleaned with gentle detergent and water.

With Mom's Home Organic Hospital Bag, you can rest assured that you're giving your new baby comfort:

  1. The jhabla nappies feature a pull-on design to make them easier to take on and off
  2. They come in a cute variety of patterns and designs
  3. They feature luxuriously soft fabric for added comfort

Organic Burp Cloths: A Must-Have for New Parents

For new moms, burp cloths are a must-have! Mom's Home Organic Hospital Bag has thought of it all and included burp cloths that are just as soft and cuddly as the swaddles. They're made with organic cotton and muslin, so you can feel good about using them — no harsh chemicals here.

Not only are the burp cloths absorbent and durable, they're also super cute. They come in cute and classic colours. Even when they get stained from normal use, the pattern really helps to hide any spills – plus they're easy to mix and match with other outfit pieces to create a unique style.

Mom's Home Organic Hospital Bag is great for any mom-to-be because it provides everything your baby needs for those first few days—from swaddle blankets to burp cloths, it’s like having a little newborn starter kit in one convenient package!

Socks, Mittens and Cap: Keeping Baby's Extremities Warm

When it comes to making sure your baby is comfortable and socks, mittens and a cap can make all the difference! These essentials from Mom's Home Organic are made from organic cotton muslin blend and have been designed for maximum comfort and absorbency.

The socks come in a variety of sizes, perfect for those little feet that grow so fast—and they stay on, too! The mittens protect baby's hands from accidentally scratching their own faces; they also help keep those tiny digits warm. The cap rounds out the ensemble and helps prevent heat loss from the head.

This trifecta of foot, hand and head warmth is a must-have for any newborn's first days out in the world—all packed neatly into one Hospital Bag. So if you're looking for a practical solution to keeping your newborn comfortable and warm, look no further than Mom's Home Organic Hospital Bag!

Organic Cotton Muslin Made Sleeping Cum Carrying Nest Bag

Moms Home cotton- Moms home soft and cosy Baby Sleeping Bed, 0-9 Months are made of softest certified organic cotton which is as pure as your love, These are perfect for keeping your baby comfortable and warm in AC and mild winters. This is multipurpose, serves as bedspread, play mats and wraps as well. Sleeping cum carrying Nest Bag- This is a must have for newborn babies as it provides your baby a cosy environment to have a peaceful and pleasant sleep. This is made of pure cotton cloth and designed to keep your baby comfortable and safe at home or while travelling, Made from quality cotton fabric, this has multipurpose use and works as a carry nest.

A Perfect Gift for New Moms: One Bag, All Essentials

Finding the perfect gift for a new mom can be tough, but you can't go wrong with the organic hospital bag from Mom's Home Organic. This super practical and stylish bag is made from organic cotton and muslin, with plenty of room for all the essentials for a newborn's first days.

What's Included?

The bag comes with all mum needs for her and baby, including:

  • cloth and cushion langot
  • Muslin Swaddle
  • jhabla and nappies
  • Burp cloths
  • Bibs and hats
  • dry sheet
  • baby travel bag
  • sleeping bag cum carrying nest
  • mosquito net
  • muslin baby wipes
  • muslin dohar and blanket

Plus all these items are made from natural, organic materials that are breathable and gentle on baby's sensitive skin. What better way to give a gift of comfort, protection and style!


To sum up, the Mom's Home Organic Hospital Bag is a great solution for expectant parents who are looking for all of their new baby's essentials, made with organic and natural materials. From muslin swaddles to cuddly blankets and hats, this hospital bag has everything your new little one needs to stay safe, comfortable and happy.

The Mom's Home Organic Hospital Bag is the perfect way to get ready for your baby's arrival, with a complete selection of essentials that you won't need to worry about sourcing separately. With a great quality, organic materials and components, it's truly an essential part of your new parent preparation journey.

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